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A teching tool to make quizzes that don't stress your students out.

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"wallofquizzes came up when I was surfing the web one night, and it has been great! Students' grades have improved dramatically. Albert, 42
"I used to give my students a quiz every week, but they weren't retaining the information, but now they do thanks." Friedrich, 49
"Teaching for 15 years now, and I wanted to try something new to keep students engaged; this has been great." Gabriela, 36

Health consequences associated with standardized testing were cited as including stomachaches and vomiting, headaches, sleep problems, depression, attendance problems, and acting out (Alliance for Childhood, 2001)

Harvard Univesity Study PDF Download Here

The solution is wallofquizzes, it's built on 5 beliefs.

Your quiz will show right & wrong answers in real-time

It's timed, multiple-choice, 7-questions total and graded automatically

Making a quiz is a piece of cake, no code, no drag & drop

You can share a link to the quiz right after you finish making the quiz

Search your quizzes and your student's answers easily

Your students do not need an account to take a quiz and get their identification with their anonymous user id

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No credit card required for the 7-day free trial

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"My students are engaged and never try to cheat because they know it's on their phones, and they can retake it as many times as they want." Gerald, 29
"They not only help my students review material but also help them stay on task. The great thing about wallofquizzes is that it lets students take the quiz on the phone." LouAnne, 36
"My kids were not doing well feeling under pressure. They were not learning as I wanted them. Now they love me." Miss Riley, 44

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What gets included when I signup with Google to access taking a quiz?

You are sent to the quiz wall to try it without a credit card or personal information. You will receive 100s of quizzes and new ones added daily for continued education.

How long does the free trial last?

It lasts 5-minutes from the time you signup with Google. You will be asked for a payment card to continue for 30 days; we partner with Stripe.com for payments.

How much does it cost?

Access costs $29 per month for full access to the e-learning micro platform for learning about cryptocurrency. You can cancel anytime easily from your My Account tab.

What should I expect when I take a quiz?

Quizzes begin the moment you click Take a Quiz. You'll have 15 seconds to read the question and four answers, then choose oneā€”the answers, a short answer to explain as you go. At the end of a quiz, you get asked a question to know how much you have learned.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, and we partner with Stripe.com to store your financial information and manage subscriptions & payments.

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"The students were excited about it, though it was cool that they could take quizzes on their phone, and they can retake it as much as they want." Erin, 27
"It's hard to get a lot of these students to pay attention in class, but when I introduced wallofquizzes, they started paying attention." Jamie, 38
"I'm a high school teacher, and I've been using wallofquizzes to assign digital quizzes to my students. It's been fantastic." Dan, 62

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No credit card is required for the 7-day free trial

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